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The main reason a company wants custom software development is to increase productivity. Repetative tasks become a click of a button. As Benjamin Franklin said, "A penny saved is a penny earned". CBit identifies areas within your organization that waste time and resources. Click below to read real world case studies of customers that have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by reducing repetative tasks, eliminating time consuming tasks, and developing new ways of looking at problems.

Discovery Phase

During the initial phase we elicit, clarify, and prototype the requirements.

Design Phase

During this phase the system and software design is prepared from the requirements specification created during the discovery phase.

Development Phase

The design documentation is now used to create the solution. Coding and development will be completed during this phase.

Testing Phase

Once develoment is completed, the application is tested to ensure that the solution solves the needs addressed.

Deployment Phase

The solution is deployed to the customer for first use. Beta testing performed by the customer, reporting any bugs to the developers. Once fixed the final deployment occurs.


Changes to hardware or software to support its operational effectiveness. It includes making changes to improve a system's performance, correct problems, enhance security, or address user requirements.

Take Full Control of Your Systems & Applications


CBit's proprietary framework jump starts your application development project and reduces time spent on programming that isn't related to your business..


We work to understand your business process and work flow. We include your employees in the decision making process and help guide their vision into reality.


We protect your data and network by state of the art vulnerabiity detecting solutions.


We integrate machine learning capabilites into your business processes. We help "train" your system to predict and forecast specific trends.


Our solutions are optimized at the time they are created. Monthly database administration ensures that you are always optimized.


We track user productivity and constantly find new ways to improve productivity.

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About Us

CBit was founded in 2003 with the vision to help small businesses translate their business processes into software applications. We do this by understanding the business process first. Once we understand the needs of the customer we, along with the customer's management and employees, create custom applications that not only fulfill the business requirements but make them as productive as possible.

We have helped dozens of small businesses create new applications and optimize existing applications. No project is too big or too small.